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Content Table 2. Descriptive statistics (M and SD) for main study variables (N =  . Sample Reasons Why People Are Hesitant to Say Kind Words Ways to Stop Drinking Out of Boredom Addiction Therapy Programs Curious about all the amazing benefits a break from alcohol can bring? The ESPAD survey (Hibell et al., 2012) claims that binge drinking involves 35% of young Italians, a percentage slightly below the European average. In our sample, almost half of the adolescents declared they had experienced binge drinking in the last two weeks and this percentage is higher than 50% for boys. Moreover, the majority declared they had experienced drunkenness at least once and the average age of the first experience was below 14 years old. In general, all these data are in line with those studies (e.g., Room, 2010) that underline how so-called Mediterranean cultures are changing their drinking modalities to be closer to…

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